The Lithuanian Ministry of Defense has commissioned Heckler & Koch GmbH (HK) to manufacture SFP-9 SF service pistols worth around 1.57 million euros over the next six years and to deliver them to the Lithuanian armed forces. The company confirmed this to Soldat & Technik. The SFP-9 is a firing pin lock pistol with a single-action trigger in 9 mm x 19 caliber.

The SFP-9 in the SFP-9 SF version with magazine release on the trigger guard (paddle) was able to prevail over several other pistol models in the Lithuanian tender. According to reports, a total of six manufacturers have submitted offers.

The following award criteria were taken into account in the selection decision:

Price: 40 percent weighting
Technical and professional evaluation, reference weight: 60 percent weighting
"The order is a great success for Heckler & Koch, as the SFP-9 has now been placed with a NATO partner for the first time, after the pistol had recently been selected as a service pistol by several national police forces and the Japanese armed forces," he said HK spokesman towards Soldat & Technik.