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Thread: Chiappa Rhino 60DS Gold 6" .357 Magnum

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    Jan 2014
    A lovely place
    Love one another

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    I so miss this.
    My fave revolver by far.
    Only sold it because they're about as complicated as a swiss timepiece. If something breaks....your ducked.

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    Well, i feel like exchanging my Colt King cobra for this, the 142 gr Fiocchi is pretty hot ammo and muzzle flip with it is almost nil. I luv a pimp revolver.
    Canada is an ok place to live. / Ontario is a good place to live. / France is a tasty place to live. / Québec is home. / New Hampshire is paradise. /

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    That would be awesome I really like the look has any one ever tried that kinda of revolver before?

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