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Thread: Test drive the new TNA webstore

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    Quote Originally Posted by True North Arms Corp View Post
    sorry about that. send us an email or PM us your email and we'll get it fixed

    some more detail would help like what error message you got
    Tried again last night..My account has been temporarily disabled

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    We've been working nonstop on getting the site back to banging on all cylinders. Unfortunately taking longer than we planned for.

    Lots of people report issues with logging in. Passwords could not be migrated to the new system (you wouldn't want them to be able to be migrated anyway, for your security) so you have to reset your password on the new site if you haven't done so since we migrated on Sept 18.

    What's New feature will return, working on it as we speak. Exploded views will come soon after.

    wish lists, back in stock notification subscriptions, and gift cards are all restored as much as possible.

    Since moving to a new system, our shortcuts/scripts/macros that built up over two years don't work anymore so now we're back to square one (but with significant number of customers and orders) so order processing and customer service is slower than what we are striving for. Coders are working on a streamlined fulfillment process that will help to speed that up.
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