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Thread: Crosman DPMS SBR first day review.

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    Got mine back in early August and it's a blast.
    Not something you want to use for pest control in the backyard of a residential neighbourhood though.
    Pros: Looks good, shoots reasonably well and is a lot cheaper than using real ammo in a real F/A firearm (if we could here in the great white north).
    Cons: The instructions suck, are printed in fine print like warning labels on medicines, and loading is a bit finicky - particularly frustrating when you have but one magazine.

    To anyone contemplating one of these, I readily recommend it...PLUS...watching this video before hand and after receipt of it.
    Explains far better than the instructions do...even if you don't have to use a magnifying glass.
    Particularly important is the loading regime for this - again, far better than the provided directions.

    ALSO: Crosman Canada and other dealers, please make extra magazines available as soon as possible.
    You'll sell them quickly and will probably encourage more of these adult toys to fly off the shelf.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RAConnol View Post
    This video should help answer your question.
    Awesome. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by G.Mitchell View Post
    I bought one of these during their last sale.

    I'm very pleased with mine as well.

    Topped it with a Vortex Crossfire red dot for now. The gun is soda can accurate out past 40 feet from my testing so far.

    Trigger pull on mine is super heavy but other than that I'm very pleased with mine.
    if you don't mind me asking, what was the approx sale price? i see them listed at $250 above. do they go down much from there??

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    When will these be back in stock?

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    The Great Canadian Beer Hunter DPMS SPR Challange.
    It's cheap and who does not have empty beer cans?

    From 12 meters, or whatever is close, and only using one mag, while standing and shooting offhand, (bench or prone if you must) shoot four Beer Cans using semi-auto.

    ShockTop works great being bright orange, and then shoot 10 or more empty .308 brass. Many of us have plenty of non-reloadable Berdan-primed surplus brass hanging around. If you only have 5.56/.223, well squint!

    Shoot the Beer Cans before shooting the Brass, and shot the brass anyway you like. Full auto helps. One mag, One mag only.

    BTW fresh C02s in the DPMS SBR and many of the BB will pass right through a soft Aluminium Beer can so shoot for the rim.

    I have yet to clear the beer cans and all the brass within one mag.

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    Does anyone have any experience with the Crosman QR 300 round magazine?

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