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Thread: Introducing The Hurricane FD12 - 12GA Bullpup Semi Automatic (NON RESTRICTED!)

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    Mar 2016
    Is there anyone else who has some opinion on this 12 ga bullpup, preferably with range time on it?
    My fingers are itching to know. I am craving a new bullpup of some sort to feed my urges. and I think 12 ga is on the prescription.

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    Jun 2018
    Montréal, Qc
    Took mine to the range last weekend.
    Shot 20 rounds of 2 3/4 federal 1oz 1650 fps slugs.
    The thing cycled perfectly.
    Did I mention that it's an indoor range?
    There where 5 other guys shooting handguns .
    Surprise Mother F@#kers!!!
    Big badaboom!!!
    Everybody started laughing.
    Lot of smoke and muzzle flash.
    Recoil is not so bad though.
    I adjusted the sights the best I could at 25 yards.
    Seems pretty accurate but hard to say at such a close distance.
    The only things that seems a bit on the weak side are the sights and the foldable front grip witch are plastic.
    Otherwise the whole thing seems very well build.
    I'm very happy with it so far

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    Jul 2010
    Any news when the new Typhoon F-12 with the flush fit chokes will be coming in ??

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