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Thread: Military Surplus Mystery Box

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    Military Surplus Mystery Box

    Ordered "Military Surplus Mystery Box" from TradeEx couple days ago
    Was not surprised by lightning fast shipping, but what was in the mystery box:
    apart from assorted crap, unknown machine gun slings, police style holster for 1911 - was AIMPOINT ELECTRONIC - the first reflex sight produced.
    I didn't have mercury batteries lying around, so rigged two AA batteries and jumper wires - boom - the sight is working!
    According the aimpoint website, this model was in production from 1975 till 1979. They still have product info and manual available - tells something about brand and pride in what they do.

    So, the BOX was a great success. Thanx TradeEx!

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    Well that's pretty cool. I like this mystery box thing that's going around.
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    I agree, this mystery box thing is pretty slick. Mine arrived a today, and apart from assorted holsters, slings and the like there was some assorted "junk" and some pretty cool parts. While basically nothing in the box is currently useful to me, I'm simply going to add it to the parts pile in case I ever do need them, but more interestingly I got a complete Ljungman bolt and a Lebel 1886/93 bolt head. So I'd say it was a success.
    I should have bought more than one.......
    I sure hope they so this again.....

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