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Thread: Heckler & Koch G28 DMR Complete Rifle Package 308 / 7.62x51

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    Heckler & Koch G28 DMR Complete Rifle Package 308 / 7.62x51

    Heckler & Koch G28 E2 Standard DMR Complete Rifle Package, .308 / 7.62x51, HK-Schmidt & Bender 3-20x50 Scope, 5 Round, Restricted

    $15,999.99 - Expected In Store ETA: October 19, 2018 - Buy Here!

    G28 | A DMR-System – far more than just another rifle with a scope.
    The G28 is a military version of the civilian semi automatic competition rifle MR308. Deployed in the established 7.62 x 51 calibre, the “Designated Marksman Rifle” (DMR) ensures accuracy of 1.5 MOA whilst enabling a full night fighting capability. Providing a maximum effective range and a high first round hit probability up to 600 meters, the HK241 will also allow suppressive fire against man size targets accurately up to 800 meters.

    With its green brown tone, the G28 offers a camouflage colour scheme that is being accepted around the world.

    - Warranted accuracy of 1.5 MOA with 10 rounds accuracy ammunition
    - Safety/cocking in all hammer positions for maximum user safety
    - Firing pin/drop safety (no primer marking/firing out of battery)
    - Stands barrel obstruction test according to NATO-AC225/D14 with NATO Ammunition AB22 (FMJ)
    - Telescopic stock with adjustable cheek rest that remains in position independent from horizontal stock position
    - Toolless gas regulator for suppressor use
    - New Stanag 4694 NATO accessory rails and mounts (backward compatibility with MIL-STD-1913 rail)
    - Weapon function based on NATO standard ammunition
    - Approx. 120 parts (75%) interchangeable with HK417
    - Full night fighting capability (starlight and thermal imager)
    - "Over the Beach (OTB)" capability

    Caliber: 308 / 7.62 x 51
    Operating principle: Gas-operated
    Magazine capacity: 5
    Modes of fire: 0-1
    Sights: HK-Schmidt & Bender 3-20x50 G28
    Buttstock: ASB
    Length min./max.: approx. 965/1082mm
    Width approx.: 78.0mm
    Height approx.: 340.0mm
    Barrel length: approx. 421mm
    Sight radius: approx. 494.0mm
    Trigger pull: ca. 25-32 N

    Includes: one 5-round magazine, Schmidt & Bender 3-20x50 PM II in RAL8000, scope mount, Aimpoint T1 red dot sight, harris bipod, vertical grip and rail covers.

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    Oh my...


    Edit :Damn, it's restricted.
    .308 FTW
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    Lottery or divorce purchase....

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    Very nice!

    I noticed bullseye has 2 x 14.5” mr223a3 available for anyone looking.
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    Will you guys take a Kidney??
    Heckler and Koch - USP Tactical 45 V1(Converting to Hybrid/Match LEM when parts arrive) Meprolight Tru-Dot
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    $16K HK rifle, still only comes with one mag.

    Stay classy HK. Cool rifle though.

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    That’s some strong Koolaid here

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    The pimps will get hard.
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    Wow ! ....

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    a sheet hole
    Having a good laugh at the roll marks on it
    Go read that shlock to a soldier or a fireman or a football player or a bloody barber Theyll all knock your "this" right down your throat while sippin a beer and eating chicken wings.Then wipe their wee fingers on your pretty little pouch"

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