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Thread: Warranty Clarification when purchasing from IRUNGUNS

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    Anyone has sold guns for a living has had to deal with this same issue.

    "I am returning this gun because you lied and sold me a used one!"
    "We only sell new guns as a new sir."
    "I know it is used because when I stripped it down, I found carbon and traces is copper. This gun has been shot, and as such, it is used!!"
    "Sir, they test fire all this brand of guns at the factory to ensure the safety, functionality and accuracy of the firearm before it leaves the factory."
    "No, they don't!"
    "Yes, sir they do. Here let me open a new box of the same gun as yours, and here above the foam in the top of the box is an envelope with the testers name and the used cartridges."
    "On the high-end guns, there is also a folded up target with a three-shot group."
    "I don't think that is true, I read on the internet...bla bla bla, and if they did test the gun, surely they would clean it!"
    "Sir, you are free to call or email the manufacturer directly and speak to them yourself. I am happy to pull up the web site and show you the number and email address, both of which I can also email to you so that you have all the information you need to confirm for yourself, that everything I am telling you is true."

    "Well I will then, and then I will be back to return this used firearm!"

    And they don't come back, or if they do it is to buy more ammo, but most will never speak a word about their "used" firearm again.

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    I've known this since the start, great clarification and timely posting.

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