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Thread: Warranty Clarification when purchasing from IRUNGUNS

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    That is fantastic. I had a very bad experience once buying a firearm from a store in town. When it proved to have major manufacturing defects, they insisted I use the Canadian warranty center which was not capable enough to do their job. The manufacturer wouldn’t replace/exchange it, being that I’m in Canada. I also had to wait 6 months to get my replacement barrel back (it came factory with a bent barrel), and I felt that was far too long.

    Being able to send a firearm back to the manufacturer for qualified assessment, repair, replacement, etc would be a tremendous asset that would have saved me the disappointment. It would have possibly prevented me from missing an entire 2 hunting seasons. It may also have enabled me the confidence to buy from that manufacturer again, which I will not do now based on the principle of setting up incompetent warranty service here.

    I will be looking at buying from you guys first next time I’m in the market for a rifle or shotgun. Peace of mind is worth the investment.

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    Very well written and a great reminder of some options available to Canadians.

    I have purchased from IRunGuns and found their service excellent. I have not experienced any warranty issues but this does add some piece of mind.

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    That's a pretty good service!

    You guys should consider offering a warranty shipping service for people that don't want to wait 6 months or more for basic warranty issues in Canada.
    Our Government trusts rivets more then law abiding gun owners.

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    I can speak directly to the experience I had when a rifle I purchased from IRUNGUNS that required to be sent back for warranty in the US.

    It was handled just as described on the first thread and I was totally satisfied with the rifle upon it's return. Unfortunately it did take a little longer than expected due to changes to US Export rules at the time. However, I was kept well informed as to the reason for the delays.

    You have no worries with IRUNGUNS taking good care of you if there are issues with your firearm.

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