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Thread: Action: Public Safety of Canada Online Gun Ban Consultation

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    Quote Originally Posted by LexInfidelis View Post
    I've seen pathetic, morale-killing comments like yours pop in droves on every political thread in this forum. Why even waste your time inciting pessimism and defeatism? Do you have a better alternative for our community other than being politically active? Or do you suggest we just roll over and start giving up our property before the guillotines are even erected? We all know this is an uphill battle and we're utilizing the best means at our disposal to confront this.
    The purpose of my comments is not to induce a sense of pessimism or defeatism, but rather to open some eyes to reality. I don't have all the answers and I don't claim to know how to beat this thing but I will say that the starting point should be the acknowledgement of reality. That being:


    Once we all can accept this axiom, then perhaps we can come up with ideas on how to defeat what's more likely than not going to happen.

    And I also want to suggest that everyone here support Maxime Bernier by joining the PPC. There are over two million gun owners in Canada. In my books that means that as of today, there should be AT LEAST TWO MILLION+PLUS FOUNDING MEMBERS OF THE "PEOPLE'S PARTY OF CANADA".

    Bernier is the "best means at our disposal to confront this." Have you joined?

    (My comments may seem a little belligerent but so be it. For decades Canadian gun owners have been cowering to Leftists and affording them undeserved respect while trying to remain amicable and compromising and look where it has gotten us. I'm just tired of pretending that we're not dealing with complete imbeciles... )
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