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Thread: A process, but relatively short for me from start to finish, and a happy ending

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    A process, but relatively short for me from start to finish, and a happy ending

    I went to Target Sports on Saturday July 21 with my wife and shot their "weekend" package as an unlicensed shooter
    I went back on Monday July 23 with our daughter and shot 50 rounds each of a 9mm and .45 along with 5 rounds of a 12ga.

    I knew I was in trouble then.

    I signed up for my PAL/RPAL soon as I could, and was booked for August 18/19

    Before my course I started reading and learning about what had to be done. I found this forum.

    I also had my application filled out before I took my course and a few days before the course I had the picture, and my references and wife sign everything they needed to.

    On Monday Aug 20 I sent my application to Miramichi.

    Over the next few weeks, I started buying stuff, safe, cleaning / maintenance tools, hearing protection, etc.

    My license was issued sometime between Sept 21 and Sept 23, and on Sept 25 I called to get my license number and placed an online order for a .22LR rifle and a 9mm S&W M&P 2.0 along with ammo and other accessories.

    My PAL/RPAL version .0001 was received in the mail on Monday Oct. 1

    On Tuesday Oct 2 I joined Target Sports

    On Wednesday Oct 3 my restricted transfer was approved for the M&P and I picked up and brought it home.

    On Wednesday Oct 10 I took my CLSC / Probation shoot and received my PAL/RPAL version .0002 with transport restrictions in the mail.

    Yesterday, Thursday Oct 11, went to the range with my own firearms and threw about 400 rounds at some paper.

    Not the happy ending you were expecting?

    Much faster than I expected, but thanks to everyone on this forum for the advice and stickies. I am now accepting the fact that any extra money I may have in the future will be going to this sport. My wife has already said I need a bigger safe.
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    I’m still waiting on transfers from the 26th and 28th of September. Apparently I’m on the cfo blacklist.

    Glad to hear it’s gone smoother for you though! Lol.

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    Iím very jealous, Iím on the same timeline been sent Aug 20, received 23rd and online and initial processing complete since sept 10! The wait is painful. Just hoping I get approved in time for Deer, got a little ahead of myself and bought all my licenses and tags right away.

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    Sounds like you have an addiction. First step is admitting you have a problem.
    Buy a bigger safe.
    Buy another gun.
    If that doesn't work.
    Buy another gun.
    Smokeless powder is just a passing fad. #1 gun rule,carry one.

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