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Thread: CCSA and CCFR membership drive 2018

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    Exclamation CCSA and CCFR membership drive 2018

    Dear Fellow Firearms Enthusiast,

    I write, as I sincerely believe that we are at a crossroads: 2018 marked a decisive change in the Anti-Firearm rhetoric and if we continue to remain passive, we will lose our firearms and all of the rights that will go with them. While we as individuals need to keep up the pressures, I also believe we need a powerful, educated and united voice.

    Again, in my opinion, the only two credible groups in Canada that I would let speak on my behalf are (in no particular order) the CSSA ( and the CCFR ( . These two groups have worked tirelessly to get in front of as many decision makers as possible, but they need our help too.

    By enlarging and expanding both the membership numbers and funding available to these organizations, we give them a fighting chance to sway opinions and policy. We also increase their collective credibility.
    With this in mind:

    Effective Monday October 22nd until January 1st 2019…

    Every FULL new and renewal STANDARD or VIP membership sold at Target Sports Canada (Gormley) and The Shooting Edge (Calgary) will automatically include a new, one year membership in either the CSSA or the CCFR.

    This is of NO cost to the member.

    This is for a NEW membership in one of the organizations (member’s choice), but if you already have a membership in one, we will only submit a membership to the other one. The point of this is to INCREASE numbers in the organizations, not keep the status quo.

    All you’ll have to do is fill in the applicable membership application in-house and we’ll take care of the rest!

    Hopefully all of this nonsense will pass. However, unless we do everything we can do, such as writing letters to the Senate, writing and calling our MPs and educating our friends and neighbors, we are doomed.

    Keep your head down and your powder dry!


    The Shooting Edge, Target Sports Canada, William Evans

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    Such a great idea, hopefully other clubs follow suit.

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    Youth Group Leader gallen270's Avatar
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    I applaud your idea. I'd like to see more business enterprises push membership, wether its through a small membership discount, or benefits, exclusive contest, whatever. Gun owners are fairly apathetic about it.

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    Great Idea!!!
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    Putting your money where your mouth is. Well done JR!

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    Awesome idea. Not very applicable to me but I hope it goes well!

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    I joined the CCFR... multiple admins and especially tracey wilson behave like childish drama queens on a daily basis.

    I wont be renewing.

    CSSA seems pretty much defunct, their page has about 900 members...

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    CSSA is hardly defunct.
    Not sure where you get your 900 member number from.
    It has the largest membership of all.

    As a CSSA Member, I invite you to join us and all Canadian firearms enthusiasts who aren't members to please join.
    The men and women behind this organization work very hard to maintain and expand our sport and advocate firearms ownership.

    If not the CSSA, please join any of the other fine organizations out there.
    Your support can and will make a difference.

    Thank you.

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    Nice CCFR all the way!!
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    Both clubs I belong to have mandatory CSSA membership. Those 2 along are 1000+ members.

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