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hey folks

just an FYI for those not on our mailing list,
we have a new mystery box, this one is a box of parts to build a sexy 300BLK AR-15 upper.

Feel like you need / want some extra excitement in your life? This might be just what the doctor ordered.

We are letting some items go below MAP so we can't really advertise the items directly without getting into hot water. You know what Grandma always says, “Hot water is best left in the kettle” and this rule definitely applies here.

1: The box will contain ALL of the parts needed to build a complete AR-15 upper
2: All the parts are new but MIGHT have a minor kiss somewhere while handling
3: The barrel will be shorter than 15"
4: The caliber will be 300 BLK
6: The build will be optics ready but will not include any sights
7: The quantity of boxes is limited
8: The Handguard will be free-float M-LOK from Maple Ridge Armoury
9: The muzzle device will be a linear compensator from S&J Hardware
10: You will end up with an upper that is worth over $700 if the parts were bought individually.

Bring your own lower, lower parts, buttstock kit.

click below to shop:

phosphate barrel version

stainless barrel version