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Thread: NPC meme swag

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Hahaha yes I can just picture my gun now.

    Silent NPC
    Slaps the bolt release
    Reeeeeeeeeee a wild pepe appears and slings lead down range. Normies get out. Lol
    Bahahaha!!!! YES. On the inside, one half with that picture, and on the other half RRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
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    "Yeah, when we shot at the Americans it wasn't so bad because they would shoot back and roll on through.
    But when we shot at the Canadians they would get out and kill everyone." - Unknown

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatM305Guy View Post
    I've been calling them the liberal collective (Borg from Star Trek) all this time. I like the NPC more.
    "Lions need not concern themselves with the opinions of lambs"
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