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Thread: STAG-10 Non-Restricted AR10. New Shipment Arrived. All Models In-Stock!

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    Have any of you tried calling instead of whining about not getting a response on the forum here? I called the other day and talked to someone right away. I guess its just the CGN way to complain lol

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    Dunno, if it were my business it would certainly make more sense to make one informational post, when repeatedly asked, rather than taking multiple phone calls to say the same thing. You know, the whole point of social media, and one-to-many marketing. It's pretty basic Business 101 and Customer Support 101 type stuff, all things considered, especially considering the number of people asking for an update.

    In my opinion, it seems fairly inept to continue ignoring actual (me) and potential customers, and may be more telling of how future interactions could go. But, hey, if that's whining, then what do you call ignoring customers?
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    ya but after 2 pages someone who doesn't scroll back 2 pages.... asks the same question again. It's pretty much been the norm since last June. So I totally understand why Arms East is cooling thier heels from daily updates on here.

    Like has been said, give them a call. Works for me.
    maybe they are short staffed with people on holidays or at trade shows.... who knows.
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    I’m not seeing much whining here. I’ve read back through all of this.

    I simply am looking for an eta on more bones .308 rifles, I’m sure others would like an update too. As mclmm pointed out the lack of response to potential customers could be an indicator of how they’ll treat actual customers.
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    You guys are nuts. Pick up the phone if its urgent. CGN is obviously for casual, non-urgent questions and is secondary to CONDUCTING ACTUAL BUSINESS.

    They just received a big shipment of Stag stuff at the end of January and I only today received my back ordered receiver set. So they are clearly busy processing orders. They picked up the phone last week when I wanted to add something on to the order and had me taken care of in no time.

    They are top notch and if they are not here answering questions from potential customers I'm sure it's only because they are busy serving ACTUAL customers.

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