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Thread: Hunting pics Modern Hunter / Varmint / Sporter.

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    Just wait until gopher season with all the new modern sporters.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jiffx2781 View Post
    Seriously??? Has nobody else shot anything with their MH or MV??? Did everyone buy one just so they could take it to the range???

    Come on guys, I thought this was going to be a good thread...
    I would suggest that there are many more MH/MV owners who have taken game with their rifles, but given the hate directed at so many of us who really like these guns many who posted comments or photos in the past, took them down. I know of several MH owners who have stopped posting all together on the forums due to the ignorant attacks of a few. It is sad that a few arseholes ruin things for everyone. I realize everyone has an opinion but there was some real determined hate being heaped not only on ATRS but also on the owners of their rifles both during development of the MH as well as after it hit the market.
    It really is no wonder that the firearms culture is heading into extinction. We truly are our own worst enemies.

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    Il get back to you in 8 months.... When I get mine. Lol

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    Another submission from a customer, believe this was from 2015.

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