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Thread: Left Handed Accuracy International!!

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    Left Handed Accuracy International!!

    Alrighty time for another run of Left Handed rifles!!! Anyone looking for a lefty AI in a configuration of your choice!? Wel know is the time! One problem though..... we have been given real short notice on this one so you have to let us know right away otherwise you may miss the deadline! And no that isn't a sales pitch on that one this is short notice to get anything booked in so you have to let us know. These are planned to be produced Q1 of next year, so if you had something in mind let us know! Some examples can be found at this link!

    As always:

    You can E-mail us at:

    You can Call us at: 204-748-2454

    You can send at letter to: Box 729 , #1 River Valley Road, Virden, MB, R0M 2C0 , Canada

    You can send a messenger to : Lattitude - 49.89617 | Longitude - 100.85384 NE 5-11-25

    Link to the Website -->


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    Phone: (204) 748-2454

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    Hmm, thinking 'bout it.

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