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Thread: October/November Export Update

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    Thank you for the update!

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    So, what's the status and ETA for pre-November 15 orders?

    USO-11644 11/10/2018 Customer Completely Paid Awaiting Shipping

    Will be delivered this year? Or next?

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    I think the instructions given on IRG's site are pretty clear as to cut off dates and expected delivery dates so I'm not sure why there is always confusion and panic every month. I ordered for the first time in mid October so I am expecting my order to arrive sometime in mid December according to the guidelines posted. I don't see the need to start asking where my order is on the 8th of December.

    I refuse to do the Pre order thing but waiting for 2 months is also not something I would do again unless the item was not available in Canada which is the case with my purchase. So I wait as long as it takes unless I am told otherwise. No big deal.

    Update : it came in a couple days ago and well worth the wait. Thanks IRG.
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