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Thread: S B Shotguns/AOWs

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    Yes, I think I know who you are. The regulations have always been there, Management, Directors and Government change, so do polices. We are working on it and hoping for a positive outcome, as I'm sure everyone else is.

    We will keep you in the loop.

    Quote Originally Posted by McCoy View Post
    OK ! So the laws in the US has change then, because i was able to import thru your company a few AOW shotguns a few years ago without problems.

    But if i understand , this is not possible anymore.


    Flat rate shipping to Canada is 25.00USD on all accessory and ammunition orders regardless of quantities ordered. Firearms are exported to Canada at a flat rate of 25.00USD per firearm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reginald View Post
    Respectfully, I cannot find any information that relates to a factory shoulder stock defining it's classification in the US.
    All information that I can find points to it being an SBS (short barreled shotgun)
    You are correct, it is a non restricted firearm here in Canada.
    I do not believe the RCMP have anything to do with this not being exported from the US..
    AOW's have to be concealable on one's person and full stocks would make that impossible .Don't you think the RCMP (Canadian Solicitor General ) can influence the US officials as to what our glorious government don't want to see coming in to Canada ? The RCMP went ballistic when the Dlask shorties came on to the market in non restricted configuration . (On the other hand the Mare's Leg got a pass on the regulations .)
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