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Thread: Patriot Valley Arms pre-fit order until November 30, 2018

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    Patriot Valley Arms pre-fit order until November 30, 2018

    We are pleased to announce that we'll be bringing in Patriot Valley Arms pre-fit barrels. We've listed the specs below. PVA is an end-consumer business so we've worked with them to get pricing for Canadian customers through GBT. The deposit is 15% and pre-order customers will receive free shipping.

    Nucleus pre-fit $840 (Button rifle or Cut rifled (+$200) *** please also specify if you would like it cut for shouldered Barloc***
    Bighorn TL3 pre-fit $840 (Button rifle or Cut rifled (+$200)
    Impact precision pre-fit $840 (Button rifle or Cut rifled (+$200)
    Mausingfield action pre-fit $840 (Button rifle or Cut rifled (+$200)
    Tikka pre-fit $680 (hunting/heavy)

    *** If you are interested in an RPR, AI, or other pre-fit not listed above please contact us ***

    Caliber: **** We need a minimum of 5 barrels per caliber if we wish to proceed with other calibers. Based on customer response we are going to start with these calibers. Please contact us for other calibers. If we receive sufficient interest in other calibers we will update this list ***
    6mm CR
    6mm BR
    6.5 CR

    Barrel bore size:
    6mm/.243 (uses .237 bore)

    Barrel Contour (for Nucleus, Bighorn, Impact, Mausingfield)
    Light Palma
    Medium Palma
    Heavy Palma

    Barrel Contour (for Tikka)
    Tikka Lite
    Tikka CTR
    Medium Palma
    Heavy Palma

    Barrel Length: 20", 21", 22", 23", 24", 25", 26"

    Threading (add $120)
    Other (please specify)

    Thread protectors $32
    Barrel nut for shoulderless barrels $48 (please specify thread pattern, plus $8 for black nitride)
    Barrel tenon thread protector $40
    Tikka barrel wrench $105
    Bighorn/Rem/Savage wrench $105

    Muzzle brake:
    Jet Blast (6.5 or 30 cal in 5/8-24) (stainless or black +$15) $202.50
    Shockwave (6.5 or 30 cal in 5/8-24)) $217.50

    Dasher/BR magazine kits
    AICS pattern - Accurate brand (10 round) $60
    ARC pattern (10 round) $60

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ********************************************

    To order copy and paste this template and email to

    Patriot Valley Arms Prefit order:

    Barrel bore size:
    Barrel length:
    Rifling type: Button Rifle/Cut Rifle
    Tikka option: Hunting/Heavy:
    Barrel Contour:
    Barrel Threading:
    Cut for shouldered Barloc: Yes/No
    Muzzle brake (specify Jet Blast or Shockwave)

    Optional gear:
    ie Thread protector, barrel nut, Tenon Thread protector

    Email address:
    Phone number:
    Preferred Payment type:

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ********************************************

    Q: Why should I pre-order?
    A: You get exactly what you want!

    Q: When will these be arriving?
    A: Delivery will be March/April 2019

    Q: Will you be bringing in extra?
    A: Yes we will bring in extra models, based on the popular requests

    Q: Will you be ordering more?
    A: Yes, however orders will be based on volume, due to our agreement we cannot order a barrel or two at at time at these prices

    Q: Why are these more expensive than in the US?
    A: The barrels are priced competitively given the current exchange rate, ITAR and licence fees

    Q: Is there a volume discount?
    A: These will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, please contact us if you're interested in two or more barrels

    We will be unable to offer any of our discount programs (LEO, etc) for this pre-order. The only discount is if purchases with an ARC Nucleus or ARC Mausingfield you receive an additional 5% discount

    For more information on the barrels and features please visit Patriot Valley Arms website. Due to the number of options we will not be listing these on our site and you must PM or email us at to order. Extra stock will be listed on our website when the order arrives.
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    We had numerous requests for this program, please follow up with us if you're interested in placing an order. Delivery will be March/April 2019, just before the season starts!

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