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Famae SG 542-1 ERE Elite
Produced originally in Chile, the Famae ERE Elite rifles have been tailored to improve accuracy and reliability by gun enthusiasts wanting the best possible product going to market. Some improvements include upgrade the bolt stop, Trigger and Hammer sets, along with other minor tweaks with attention to detail. This package comes in with only 60 rounds cycled through it and was set up with high quality gear. As it sits we are selling the rifle and scope with accessories as one package, if interested in only one or the other, please email us and we can sort out the details.

ERE Elite Systems Upgraded Rifles
ERE Elite SG 542 Scope Rail
Diopeter Factory Sight System
ERE Elite Picatinny Forend Rail
Farrell XH Scope Rings
Nightforce NXS 2.5-10x32mm Scope
2- 5 Round magazines included