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Thread: First purchase from TNA

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    I have bought several items from TNA and they were very pleasant to deal with. I love their item descriptions. Everything I bought came with a hand written note thanking me for buying from them, I thought that pretty neat and a very nice touch. Prices are reasonable and selection very good. Shipping has never been an issue for me as I buy lots on-line and with the posties on and off strike you have to give TNA the benefit of the doubt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmichelin84 View Post
    I ordered 5 xcr 7.62 x 39 mm mags and an SKS AR mag adapter end of November and it arrived here yesterday looks good feels good now only to install it
    I got the Adapter as well from them, they had it for 125$ where others had different brands for 160 - 200$

    Installed it on my SKS and it is perfect. I had to modify the mags tho for them to lock it place otherwise when the bolt slams close the mag will pop out.
    I advise you to get this as it will remove a lot of doubts if you removed enough material of not...

    Good luck!


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