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Thread: Pics from the FOC Project UNUM VIP Launch Party!

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    Pics from the FOC Project UNUM VIP Launch Party!

    Pics from the FOC Project UNUM VIP Launch Party!

    Once again Firearms Outlet Canada sets the standard for events in the firearms industry. Seriously the closest thing I have experienced to the Project UNUM VIP Launch Party was the launch party for the Lamborghini Huracan!

    Just to recap, Project UNUM is the first in FOC’s new Signature Series. The intention is to bring together Canadian brands into a limited production (10 in this case) collaboration. Project UNUM features a Glock 19 with slide/framework and stipling by Red Tower Armoury, parts by Rehlm, custom holster and mag carriers by Grey Fox Strategic, a customized Glock knife, and a fantastic Nanuk case with custom cut foam insert.

    A total of 300 VIP guests were invited to the event and were randomly drawn for a chance to purchase one of the 9 UNUMs for sale with the serial number of their choice.

    First, let’s have a look at the gun itself! FOC graciously gave The Shmoo and I early access (much appreciated!) and we were among the first people to ever handle this beauty! BTW, the purple lighting looked great in person but made pics a bit challenging.

    I have to say that the custom stipling and Rehlm baseplate made a HUGE difference in the feel of the G19. I have shot a conventional G19 and found it to be too small for my hands but this one felt great!

    While we were ogling the UNUM, the FOC team was setting up the event outside. Check out this cool Glock ice sculpture (with Jello shots lol)

    Oyster bar

    And cheese platters…you know you are among friends when the Chef is using a Spyderco!

    Bar (each VIP got 2 drink tickets)

    And DJ!

    An idea of the well-dressed crowd.

    Where I ran into Farmboy and Houlie Precision.

    And my good friends from Nanuk and Code of Arms

    Nanuk and Grey Fox Strategic

    Of course the store and warehouse were open during the event and I will get to those in a minute but first the draws for the UNUM!

    The design team take a bow, Nanuk, Rehlm, Grey Fox, FOC, Red Tower Armory

    Opening words from FOC

    The magic drum

    As the crowd anxiously awaits

    And the first winner!









    Congrats to all the winners!

    Ok on to shopping!

    The gun on the tripod is the latest chassis from Rehlm, this one on a .22-250 action.

    Some of the usual great selection at FOC.

    This time I wanted to do some comparison pics so I started with two military SIGs, the M11-A1 and M17.

    As I suspected, the M11-A1 was too small for my hands (at least without the mag inserted). Still a nice gun though.

    Next I wanted to get another look at the TRP, especially compared to another of my “shortlist” 1911s, the Colt M45A1. Hmmm, really tough choice!

    Continuing with comparisons, the FN 509 and Five-Seven.

    The 509 felt GREAT in the hand! I really want to shoot one. I have shot a Five-Seven before but I didn’t remember it being so big! (or at least thick)

    As usual, The Shmoo is great at spotting limited editions across the room although ironically you would think this CZ Shadow 2 Maria Gushchina is visible from Mars lol. I think I found something to match all my bling!

    Perhaps the most surprising aspect of this gun was the weight! Noticeably heavier than a standard Shadow.

    The Shmoo also spotted the Wilson Combat Beretta. I shot the standard one (under supervision of Ernest Langdon!) at SHOT show but FOC had both the full size and compact.

    Not sure if it shows in the pics but there is quite a difference in the in-hand feel between the two…the full size is definitely beefier. The compact also comes with a fiber optic front sight.

    I preferred the compact, The Shmoo preferred the full size.

    Last but not least in terms of guns, the Colt SA15.7…these come off the same line as the C7!

    More great gear at FOC…Nanuk cases

    And once again, my good friend Dan from Nanuk

    Calibre magazine with Project UNUM on the cover!

    Oh but wait, we are not done yet! I also popped into FOC’s warehouse

    I didn’t buy any guns although I did get a Rehlm baseplate, which the company President was kind enough to install personally!

    I am happy to report that it works with my gun so I may get some more.

    So I am beginning to sound like a broken record in my FOC reviews, but what else can I say other than phenomenal job! Especially in our current political climate, it is so rewarding to see such a Canadian effort. I cant wait to see the next gun in the Signature series and I sure plan to be at the launch party!

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    Cool, wish I could have attended that last nignt
    "Sleep in bliss Pops"!!!!!!

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    Great review.

    I may have missed it, but how much did the UNUM Glock go for?
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    you didnt miss it, i didnt post it lol

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    RL1 was great to see you again last night.

    A fun time was had by all in attendance.

    Fred and Adam at FOC have elevated the game, kudos to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loosethoughts View Post
    I may have missed it, but how much did the UNUM Glock go for?

    Awesome pics RL1! I've never had pics turn out well with funky off colour lighting, auto white balance never seems to know what to do and I'm too noob to run on full manual. I had a date all set up to go but life got in the way at the last moment.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Have fun and safe shooting! **Image and video linking functions will be enabled after you have contributed more to the forum**

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    Holy bandwidth Batman!
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    Well my camera took a huge dump, so none of my photos came out very well. Maybe that'll be my christmas present to myself.

    But again, big thanks to the FOC crew for having me there and allowing RL and myself to come and take photos and handle Project UNUM.
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    Good looking pistol! Congrats to the winners, would love to see one at my club EOSC some day!

    Wing Nut

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    so what does one get for $2200 with that pistol? While I'm not usually one to criticize, (well okay yeah I am), I don't get what all the hype is about.
    It's always more fun to shoot stuff that does stuff.

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