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Thread: **Hatsan Escort Tactical Shotguns- Now with 5 Chokes**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bell Outdoors Canada View Post
    We are bringing in the Escort MP barrels (with chokes) in the Spring, you will be able to purchase just the barrel with a full set of 5 chokes. Pricing to be determined.

    We also have rifled slug barrels coming in 2019 which will fit the Field hunters. Pricing to be determined.

    Thanks for supporting Hatsan!
    so um its spring (ya i know EARLY spring. any word on teh MP barrels and such yet and pricing ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavenK View Post
    Wow damn, I recall MPA being 350-400$ last year and now 719$ lol
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this. I almost soiled my pants when I saw the price. How much can 5 chokes cost?

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    What’s the pricing?

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