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Thread: New BCL Products

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    Ryan, I just ordered a '102 from you on Friday. That was before I saw all the issues posted on here about the rifles. Is it safe to say they have gotten these things cleared up?

    I'd also add myself to the list of people interested in the anticipated new offerings for the BCL 102, especially a trigger, adjustable gas block and perhaps the buffer assembly. Do you expect these to show up any time soon?
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    After I heard that BCL is not offering any warranty service on NEA rifles it makes me real hesitant to buy these products. The NEA "lifetime" warranty is not worth the paper its written on. A few years from now when they change their name again to avoid fixing the thousands of defective BCL rifles they have sold, everyone with a BCL will be in the same boat as NEA owners today. With the horrendous failure rates of thses rifles, you are taking a serious gamble with your cash. I can see why SFRC and BCL parted ways.

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