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Thread: Glock MOS gen 5 barrel anybody seen this before.

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    NHunter, I don't understand where you're going with your statements?! Both, IRG and Glock representative went over and beyond expectations to resolve this issue and make the customer happy. Obviously there seem to be barrel finish issue with all Glock gen 5's but it is not due to lack of QC, it seem to be related to tighter tolerances in gen 5 in order to obtain more accuracy and apparently gen 5 doesn't disappoint in that department. So it seems like you could slow down the wear by generous application of high temp. grease on the barrel and the hood and rails but the wear will show up anyways and once the level of finish wear has gone to a certain point it stays there and it is not going into the metal itself.
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    Due to all the recent comments, we will be locking this thread.

    This thread is not here to give people the opportunity to bash the manufacturer, it’s staff members, or us for that matter. IRUNGUNS has had its fair share of being in the hot seat as well as the lime light. We have not had the privilege of dealing with Glock Canada or their employees, but we have had extensive dealing with Glock USA and some of their executives. Glock USA does an amazing job of picking people who are enthusiastic and truly care, unlike some other manufacturers we deal with. These people have a positive work ethic as well as having a love for the industry, which is truly refreshing. I can say with confidence I’m sure that coincides with Glock Canada’s hiring policy.

    As some of you know and have experienced, we will bend over backwards for almost all of our customers and I’m sure that goes for Glock as well. This incident is proof of that. The OP was understanding and a pleasure to deal with, he was not belligerent, demanding or unreasonable. That is what we call a great customer and as such we will do what is needed to ensure he keeps smiling.

    Sometimes these things happen. As some of you may not be aware, a lot of the processes, components, and/or procedures are out sourced to third parties when building firearms. As much as we would like everything to be perfect, its not. Some things are just out of our control.

    If you as a customer have had a bad experience or things haven’t gone your way it is most likely because of the way you handled and presented the situation. Keyboard warriors, drama enthusiasts, belligerence and threats do not help your cause.

    If you’re asking for help or assistance and you’re not nice or respectful to the person to whom you’re asking, how can you expect a positive outcome? In order to receive fantastic after-sales service, try being nice?

    Merry Christmas from the IRUNGUNS Team.

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