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Thread: OKAY Ind the maker of Colt mags in BLK and FDE E2 model in Canada 12.62USD

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    Quote Originally Posted by rimlick View Post
    If only they were pistol mags :'(
    If only they weren't restricted in capacity whatsoever lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keodis View Post
    I have pmags that are pinned on the back and some that are pinned on the side, the ones pinned on the side are flush or recessed and do into the magwell easier where the ones pinned on the back rub the magwell.

    I have only unpinned mags that were pinned on the back ( I live 5mins from the US border and I shoot there, relax ), never messed with one that was pinned on the side.

    whats the reason for not liking mags pinned on the side??
    Just personal preference, less noticeable I guess.
    I survived the gun control scare of 2013 and all I got was this t-shirt.......
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