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Thread: Buying from IRG-US website

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    Buying from IRG-US website

    Folks, please enlighten me as I haven't done this before and was only doing 3rd party imports in the past few years. And will all the website changes here's a mix of what I know of and my questions:

    -do I need to have 2 accounts? one for IRG-US and one Canadian?
    -If I add an item to cart, which fees do I pay in the US, the price of the item and shipping to Canada?
    -Import fee is none..
    -Is shipping to Canada 25 USD of Cad$? This was not clear in their website FAQs in IRG-US.
    -I assume the fees when the item lands in Canada are 5% GST and shipping to my home.

    please feel free to add anything I may have missed...
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    I bought from irunguns us. I had to pay for the gun price in us plus $25 US to have the gun brought to irunguns canada. All I had to pay is shipping from irunguns canada to my house. That was it. Transaction was good, gun came early.

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    You only make a log in account on the Canadian site.

    This is old now, but it hasn't changed much, almost a direct quote from:

    This details, basically, how to figure out what a purchase at Irunguns US SITE will cost you based on what my own purchase worked out to. I DO NOT work for Irunguns, and they certainly don't do me any favors. (I get treated like every other customer.)

    1. Order firearm from US site. Price will be item cost plus flat $25.00 shipping to Irunguns in Canada, in US currency.

    2. On Irunguns end (I mean the US site the item(s) will be charged in US currency to the payment option you choose.

    3. Wait for the automated system to get the order in the system in Canada, then Fill out the Import form completely.

    4. The Item will be imported and arrive at the Canadian location sometime after the 15th following your order. Example: If you buy on January 20th, it will be shipped to Canada sometime after February 15th. Their cut off is supposed to be every 15th, but recent comments show Christmas & Shot Show delay, so December's will not be until January.

    5. Then you will get a "make Payment" email link to make payment for the GST on the US site price and the shipping from Irunguns Canadian location to you. It was in Canadian Funds for my order.

    6. Item gets shipped: viola. My timeline was about three weeks after the 15th. Example: Buy January 20th, import February 18th, email February 20th, on the doorstep March 3rd (all an estimate only: may vary)

    So, a $1000.00US item total price of just a single item will look like this: (Blue is US currency, Red is Canadian currency)
    $1000.00 item
    + $25.00 ship
    = $1025.00USD

    x exchange rate (assume 1.2500 here)
    = 1282.00CAN (rounded)
    + Canadian shipping (assume $25.00CAN again)
    = 1307.00
    x GST (5%)
    = 1372.00(rounded) as the complete price of the purchases

    Then the charges, if using the same credit card, will look like:

    $1025.00 USD for purchase and to Canada shipping (That will have to get an exchange rate! That's why some totals look wrong.)

    $90.00 CAN for shipping to your house and GST

    The numbers might not be perfect, but that's the process in a nutshell after I purchased from Irunguns in US the first time.
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    You can buy US things on the Canadian store and I’ll be in US dollar. I think the 25$ is a flat rate shipping. My experience with them was A++ I called JF there and he know the laws very well, even more than a border agent. I’d just call them if I were you.
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    Thanks for all the replies everyone!
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    Very easy to buy on Irunguns US, just fill the page on checkout. Bingo.

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