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Thread: GBT: Cadex Rifle pricing

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    GBT: Cadex Rifle pricing

    Go Big Tactical is please to carry the high end line up of rifles and accessories from Cadex! The following are special order 3-5 months, contact us to purchase!

    For example:

    Cadex Guardian Tac rifle $4857.95 (MSRP $5342.95)

    Cadex Freedom Lite rifle Patriot Lite or Guardian Lite $5454.95 (MSRP $5999.95)

    Cadex Freedom Tac rifle or Patriot Tac or Guardian Tac $4857.95 (MSRP $5342.95)

    Cadex Kraken rifle $6522.95 (MSRP $7174.95)

    Cadex Shadow rifle $6999.96 (MSRP $7699.95)

    Cadex Tremor rifle $7727.95 (MSRP $8499.95)

    Cadex R7 Field Comp $4155.95 (MSRP $4571.95)

    Cadex R7 Lite Comp $4584.95 (MSRP $5042.95)

    Cadex Shepherd Rifle $3990.95 (MSRP $4299.95) or Sheepdog Rifle $3772.95 (MSRP $4149.95)

    Also check out our FAST TRACK orders
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