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Thread: Taurus Firearms in stock at Freedom Ventures.

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    I would love to buy another 608. fantastic shooting gun, extremely accurate. Had mine scoped shooting 200 yards.

    I absolutely enjoy shooting it........But have they fixed the "transfer bar" issue with these ?

    I have owned 2 of these over the years and the bar broke on both of them. Very disappointing.

    so, If I purchase another....who is going to repair it ? it going to cost me ? How much down time..months ?
    Or has the issues been resolved with a much better manufactured Bar ?

    twice bitten...........
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hvacpimp View Post
    There’s a whole line up of people that would buy these if you did import them!!! Just think of all the $$$ you’ll make!!
    I've not had good luck with Semi-auto rimfire firearms; the ammo and gun combination is often finicky and results in a lot of extra customer support that I'm not equipped to provide at the same level as I do our other products at this time.

    Quote Originally Posted by lone ranger View Post
    ....who is going to repair it ?......
    The Gravel Agency became the new Taurus warranty depot just this year.
    They have a fantastic reputation for Remington support, so I expect that once Taurus gets them set - they will do a stellar job on Taurus Rossi Warranty too.
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    I've only heard the best things written about the TX22.
    I'd buy for certain.

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