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Thread: New Arrivals!!! Mosin Nagant M91/30 Rifles in 7.62x54R

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    hope in 2 week there still have some mosin

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    Just looking through the records. Paid $39.86 for a Mosin from S.I.R. in 1986. Unrefurbished Finn capture. Not sure if they are worth more.

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    Look at the $500 guns on the shelf. then look at you Mosin, SKS, Mauser, K31 etc etc...… which is better quality? now look at the $800 rifles new available today.... some are about equal others better some worse. The guns are rising to what their real value should be in the market for what they are. Then expect them to rise again as items which are historic and rare as they are no longer made.

    Save Trudeau using brain washing CBC serum and stealing all our property and declaring us outlaws like Prince John unleashing the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. I expect Mosins to be around $500 in 2020, SVT's over $1000 and SKS $199-$1000 and Mausers going over $2500.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m6tlogistics View Post
    All machined rifle--? Chrome lined barrel ? Bulletproof construction designed to operate under conditions that would reduce the current generation of 800$ guns to a baseball bat ? I doubt that you could produce the same ,sometimes poorly finished but utterly reliable firearm for less than 10x the 150$ you reference.--just my opinion-after having owned and operated dozens in the last 40 years...
    Mosins never had chrome lined barrels that I am aware of.
    No such thing as too much ammunition or toilet paper...

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