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Thread: Excellent Experience with Bull's Eye Shop

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    Excellent Experience with Bull's Eye Shop

    I had the chance to visit your shop and was thrilled. Easily one of my best experiences at any gun shop I've ever been to.

    The staff were friendly and helpful to a fault, even had help carrying ammo out to the car. My every question was answered no matter how naive, lol, and I just felt very welcome. I dropped $1000 without a thought, and I'd just intended to check you guys out.

    I've been meaning to post my praise since I left your shop. I never bash other shops, but truthfully I've been a little disappointed at others. Seems like in person sales are declining for online sales, which is sad. The manager at BullsEye was actually SELLING to me, pitching scopes, ammo, and focused on helping me buy what I wanted.

    My only regret is that I don't live closer because I so enjoyed my visit.

    Keep it up, and I think your website is one of the best I've used too, very easy to navigate.
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    Thank you for the kind comments, always appreciated and will be passed along to the staff.
    E-Mail Us Directly:

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    Always a good store to deal with. Bought a couple guns from them online and has been A+.

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    Dealt with them for an online purchase. Expedited the shipping process before Christmas. This company is professional and courteous.


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    I've purchased 2 pistols from them in the last month, my new gp100 and a walther colt gold cup 22lr pistol. The experience was amazing, and these were purchased during the Christmas break. Sales went smooth and I was kept informed the whole way via email. Plus the prices were the best in Canada at the time. I'm a cheap sob and I will be looking at bullseye first all the time. Highly recommend them .


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    its a great store. wish it was closer
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    I've only ever purchased from Bullseye online but they were incredibly quick to ship.

    One criticism (tongue in cheek) is their real-time inventory that shows online. It has "forced" me into purchasing items because "there are only 9 XXXXXXX left!!".

    Great shop!

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    Great shop with friendly staff and a good inventory, I'll drive the 2 hours past my LGS to go to Bullseye.
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    I've said it before and I'll back it up .......couldn't find a store better to deal with !!
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again... Bulls Eye is a pleasure to deal with. They are my go to store. I've never had anything but EXCELLENT dealings with them. And they also took really good care of me when I bought my beautiful FX-9 on pre-order from them.

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