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Thread: Snow Removal at Wolverine

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    This is so cool. Goals. 100% future goals. Rock on John!
    Just a dude up in Canada that likes guns
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    As I am reading this thread it got me thinking....My father served his apprenticeship with Mercedes-Benz as a mechanic before we came to Canada in 1957 and as luck would have it the northern Ontario Uranium mines were in need of diesel mechanics especially those that had prior UNIMOG experience. Elliott Lake area so thats where he moved the family. We moved down to the Windsor Ontario area in1965 and my father worked at Ford Motor till retirement. After dad passed away and going thru some of his old belongs lo and behold what do I find. A Mercedes-Benz UNIMOK Shop Manual. I am looking at it right now..printed in Germany in 1956 so no idea of which model it is for (its printed in German), but I can tell you that when you open the pages...smells like diesel. This thread has brought back some memories....of living up north,being a kid and dad being a mechanic always working on other peoples cars when he wasn't at work in the mines.

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    Sweet ride to clear that snow!!! Pretty cool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbogo3 View Post
    I expected a flamethrower.
    Uni-mog + Plow + Flamethrower mounted on plow = Pure Awesomeness!
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