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Thread: New Product Alert: AS46 Pump-action Magazines

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    The 10 rounders will work in most Turk AR style semis.

    The bolt will not lock open after the last shell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheezz View Post
    Had some original as46 mags. Worked in my Derya MK12, but not sure on reliability as i only loaded 5 rounds.
    I see.......that is some interesting news if you get a chance to load a full mag Id be interested in finding out if it will fully cycle, my dreya may need some extra mags if it does.

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    1. I have a Derya Mk 12
    2. I have AS46 10rd mags
    3. They work 100% reliable. Even with a full mag.
    4. The bolt catch mechanism in the follower is missing and therefore the bolt does not hold back on the last round.
    5. Though the slot for the bolt catch parts is there in the follower and mag body has the slot cut for it.... installing them would probably constitute modifying them for a semi auto and therefore illegal to do so.

    Everyone shooting IPSC with these semi Turk guns are using them and is the same as a LAR mag in your AR.

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    I ordered a couple from a different vendor in November. Nothing yet, but the photos look good.
    Edit: OK, these are really nice mags, much better quality than the 15SA mags, which I also have. The feed lips might need a bit of widening for my 15SA.
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