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Thread: Trudeau Fails to be Transparent with Canadians

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    Trudeau Fails to be Transparent with Canadians

    From our friends in Parliament.

    January 11, 2019


    Ottawa, ON – Pierre Paul-Hus, Shadow Minister for Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, and Glen Motz, Deputy Shadow Minister for Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, today issued the following statement regarding the Trudeau government’s repeated refusal to release documents related to the Firearms Reference Table:

    “Justin Trudeau has repeatedly failed to be open and transparent with Canadians. Now he would rather go to court than release documents that simply lay out the classification of all firearms in Canada. What is the Prime Minister trying to hide?

    “The documents that have been requested are already widely shared with international law enforcement partners and firearms industry groups. However, despite a ruling from the Information Commissioner, the Liberals are refusing to provide them to Canadians.

    “Justin Trudeau has shown a complete disrespect for law abiding firearms owners by adding increased regulations and red tape though Bill C-71. This is just another example of the Liberals’ unwillingness to stand up and support Canada’s firearms owners.

    “Canada’s Conservatives will always stand up for law abiding firearms owners. We are calling on the Prime Minister to follow the ruling from the Information Commissioner and immediately release all documents related to the Firearms Reference Table.”

    For more information:

    Office of Pierre Paul-Hus
    Phone: 613-995-8857

    Office of Glen Motz
    Phone: 613-996-0633
    - .303
    Phone: (204) 748-2454

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    I wonder what the response will be...

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    To the people in eastern Canada please convince your neighbours and friends not to reelect this national disgrace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killbillc68 View Post
    To the people in eastern Canada please convince your neighbours and friends not to reelect this national disgrace.
    but....hes so cute!!! lol

    "Make Trudeau a drama teacher again!"
    "This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future."
    Adolf Hitler, 1935

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    Fellow Canadians,
    Given that our fearless leader is in fact a drama teacher! (No disrespect to teachers ) who has been god knows how? elected to a position of leadership/responsibility, because he has nice hair, talks well ( In circles ) and supports LGBTQ rights and freedoms ( No disrespect to aforementioned) does not make him a leader!
    Sure! with classroom caps of 20, young impressionable youth, I'm sure that any drama teacher can engage and entertain while teaching Drama skills ( we all know a drama Queen/King! )
    My question to Canadians is: Were you really surprised that a Drama Teacher with limited to no political experience has a hard time getting a handle on running a country like Canada?
    Or perhaps you were surprised when the drama teacher was convinced (By firearm laypersons) that all Canadians with guns are bad people!
    Perhaps we should all take the time to reflect on the engagement of selecting our new leadership?
    Are you prepared to give up your moral values, and ethics because some manicured prince, sweet talks and promises the moon the stars and the sky? I'm Not!

    Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth. John F. Kennedy

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChickenOmelette View Post
    I wonder what the response will be...
    CBC will do a hit piece on guns and praise Justin for being the most transparent PM in history.
    "Never trust quotes you read on the internet"
    - Abraham Lincoln

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    I hate to burst people’s bubble but what was their first clue!

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    How brutal!.... I wonder if Canadians will ever wake up, you can't fix stupid. 16 years of Pierre should have been a huge wake up call for all. But no, JT legalizes pot and voila, he's a hero.

    Hopefully Canadians will realize if you sell your soul to the devil, you will end up in Hades......

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    Turf the turd in 2019!!!
    In these times of Liberal ineptitude, I regret that I have but one vote.

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    Every time I see Justin Trudeau the Whitney Housing song I'm Every Woman pops in my head.

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