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Thread: Walther PPQ Q5 Match Steel Frame 9mm

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    I had the chance to measure and compare the new SF model to the PPQ Q5 plastic model. I have the large grip insert in the plastic gun and they are virtually identical in circumference and grip length. the use of extended base mags should eliminate any concerns about the grip being too short but let me put it this way. No one ever complained about the plastic version having an uncomfortable grip. Quite the opposite. It was raved about having an extremely comfortable grip and superb trigger out of the box.

    The new SF version has an identical grip and trigger so if you like the plastic version of the PPQ you will love the SF version. Its just that simple. It will not be everyone's cup of tea but is far ahead of any of the other striker fired pistols. Thats all it was intended to be.

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    We'll have the Steel Frame along with few other Walther pistols at Gagnon Shooting Center in Oshawa on July 20th from 10:00-4:00pm for anyone who wants to test fire them before purchase.

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