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Thread: Lyn Chapman

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    Wink Lyn Chapman

    I just made my first purchase from irunguns. It was a simple .22 LR and .22WMR single action revolver from Heritage Arms in Florida. Just a fun gun which has proven itself to be very accurate. My purchasing experience with irunguns was absolutely excellent. As a first time customer, Neal at irunguns was very helpful. The registration certificate from the RCMP arrived before the gun and the revolver itself showed up two weeks before I was expecting it. As others have mentioned, please clearly understand the policies and timelines of irunguns as posted on their web site and you will not be disappointed.

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    How do you like the revolver? As I have said on another thread, the low price makes me a bit cautious. Of course I don't expect phenomenal quality, but at the very least I would like to get my money's worth outta it.

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