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Thread: The new Swarovski Z5 2.4-12x50 - NOW IN STOCK!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by plainSight Solutions View Post
    The gain in exit pupil/light-gathering in a 50mm objective at 2.4x vs. 44mm objective at 3.5x can make all the difference when an opportunity presents itself as dawn is breaking, or the sun is setting.
    so 12.6mm exit pupil for the 44mm VS 20.8mm exit pupil for the 50mm on lowest power setting. Middle aged eyes can use about 5mm of light at best. The 50mm offering about 14% more light gathering on 10x than the 44mm might be a more real world advantage. New 50mm has 50% more windage and elevation adjustment available, which is a big improvement over the 3.5-18x44
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    Some additional information with a direct comparison of the new Z5 2.4-12x50, Z5 3.5-18x44, and the Z3 4-12x50.

    This showcases how much shorter the new Z5s overall length is.

    Michael B.
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    Thanks for posting pics, nice visual comparison of scopes. Looks like a nice all around short-medium range scope.
    Which reticle do you prefer for target/hunting (100-500yds) and is it worth to get the BT?
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    Quote Originally Posted by swift_one View Post
    Thanks for posting pics, nice visual comparison of scopes. Looks like a nice all around short-medium range scope.
    Which reticle do you prefer and is it worth to get the BT?
    You're welcome!
    Personally speaking, I've been hunting with the 4W for a few seasons now. I enjoy the finer crosshair lines which provides an unobstructed view of the sight-picture. The windage markers are also very useful if you utilize the Swarovski Ballistic Program (SBP), which will tell you what the appropriate hold-off is, for a given wind measurement, at the respective distances. For those who prefer a reticle that centers the eye quickly, the Plex is perfect.

    If you wish to make precise shots at distances past 300 yards, then the BT is definitely worth the investment. When calibrated properly using the SBP, it takes the guess-work out of shooting at longer ranges.

    We have every model in stock and ready to ship - just give us a ring at 1-250-747-1621 if you have any questions!

    Omer Hrbinic
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    Im i the only one who find the BT without a parallax knob is kind of contradiction?

    Are these new z5 made in USA?

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