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Thread: Fierce CT Edge 7LRM Smokin Deal!!

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    Fierce CT Edge 7LRM Smokin Deal!!

    The Pinnacle of the Fierce Edge Rifle Line

    This rifle has the most high tech components Fierce has to offer. The CT Edge combines a titanium action with the new C3 carbon barrel and carbon stock. This is the ultimate mountain rifle that weighs in at 6.1 lbs. Not only will this rifle be easy to carry around the hills, it will also deliver bench rest performance from long-ranges. The CT Edge comes with a 1/2-inch, 3-shot 100 yard guarantee..

    New rifle. There is only one 7LRM in stock , this is a custom order caliber created by Gunwerks.

    We are moving this rifle out the door at a great deal $4000.00 with 6 Boxes of loaded 7LRM Gunwerks ammo. This is a $1700.00 savings!

    Obviously 7LRM is not a caliber for everyone, but if you like calibers that are different and not everyone has out in the field or on the range, this is the one. We do have ammo readily available. Also a great hand loaders cartridge.

    Color scheme: Black grey stock - Metal cerakoted titanium finish.
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