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Thread: Industry day at the range

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    Industry day at the range

    Industry day at the range is now done and definitely did not disappoint. The sheer volume of ammunition that gets fired in the day is hard to fathom without experiencing it in person. The exibitors did a great job and a smile filled day was had by all.

    The worry of not being able to see and shoot all you would like to is not something one has to worry about and the atmosphere is very friendly.

    The new Glock coming to Canada was there and it was nice to be able to shoot a regular size Glock right after the slimmer single stack version to do an instant comparison.

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    Mossberg had their new handgun at range day and although not allowed in Canada it was nice to see it and shoot it.

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    Cadex had Canadian Rob Furlong on hand at their lane and it was a pleasure to meet him. I am unable to post a video but was a neat experience having him narrate and spot while I shot 1090 yards. Surprisingly good day for me as all shots were hits and it made up for purposely not drinking coffee this morning to be stable for shooting long range
    Tootall didn’t disappoint and shot an amazing set as well. It would have been pretty hard to remove the smiles from either of our faces after that.
    Cadex had the young lady from the cover of their brochure there and that young lady was a phenomenal shooter herself.

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    The obligatory full auto and select fire is well awesome

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    The new 350 Winchester cartridge was on hand in 350 Winchester. It will be interesting to see if it takes off. Being a straight wall I wasn’t sure how it would feed in a bolt rifle but the rounds I fired all fed well and recoil was tame.

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    Aguila had their 5mm ammunition on site and it was a fun experience to go retro and shoot 5mm.

    It was blowing fairly hard by mid day and when shooting the savage prs gun it was requiring holding over 6 so definitely windy.

    Thank you to all the exhibitors and the Boulder rifle and pistol club for hosting this. It was a great event.
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    "blowing fairly hard" he says!
    Around noon, the wind really kicked up, and quickly too.
    At one point I was standing in line, and turned my back to the wind.
    Then I thought I better face into the wind and keep an eye out for debris coming at me.
    Seriously, I didnt want to catch a plastic picnic table in the back of my head!

    Highlights of the day:
    -Seeing bursts from the ProFense M134 mini-gun.
    -Hitting a gong at a lasered 1089 yards, 3 out of 3 times.
    -Being coached by former CF sniper and one-time world record holder Rob Furlong, for the above mentioned hits
    -hitting an even smaller rectangle plate, at the same distance, with a Barrett MRAD in 300 Norma Mag. One out of two... Shoulda stopped at one.
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    hmm, 350 legend is available in 145 to 180 grains, and then, they have a 265grain sub sonic load. Interesting!

    Aimed at deer/bear/hog from what i'm reading.

    Congratulations to the two of you. Great shooting!
    Bush hunter!

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    Could you elaborate on the handling of the new Glock ? I’m thinking it would fit a smaller hand quite nicely ?

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    Awesome! LFT more reports. I just love reading and seeing videos on all the new goodies. Enjoy your time over there guys
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    We were over at Nellis Airforce Base for the ATAC range day yesterday:

    the F4 Defense small frame 308 semi-auto rifle, a super light unit at 6-7 pounds. Uses a hydraulic buffer and flat wire spring to soften the 308 by a good chunk.

    I'd love to try one in a STAG 10 or BCL 102

    The Gear Head Works ONE "bolt action pistol" in 300BLK with the OSS HX QD 762. Beyond quiet and felt like I was shooting a 22LR. Suppressors make shooting better.

    And then on the opposite end of the spectrum . . .

    Ohio Ordnance Works M240B GPMG, an ultralight version of the C6 essentially. Short, dimpled barrel. Loads of fun to rip.

    And finally: the new Magpul parts for the Cz Evo: something we'll actually get in Canada!

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    did you get to shoot the minigun??

    what caliber for the Cadex..338? Is that the new Sheepdog platform?


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    Beautiful pics! Keep em coming, it's only page 1 and my mind is blown on all the sweet toys pictured!

    Enjoy the week guys!

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    Damn!! Living the dream!
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    Keep the pics and stories coming!

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