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Thread: Sound of Silence... Surefire Suppressors!

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    This should be challenged in court as an infringement of Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedom: the right to life, liberty and security of the person. There is the right to security of the person, which consists of rights to privacy of the body and its health.

    In Chaoulli v Quebec (AG) (2005), the majority of Supreme Court justices declared Quebec's ban on private health care to breach security of the person, since delays in medical treatment can result in serious physical pain, or even death.

    I would see a strong argument that prohibiting suppressors in Canada negatively affects one's health (mainly hearing loss).

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    Have a warcomp on my MK18, would love a suppressor to go with it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by kthomas View Post
    Personally I think it could be pretty feasible to get suppressors allowed in Canada. We are one of the very few western first world countries that don't allow them on any level. It just has to be done smartly.
    The only feasible way is a legal challenge in court against the federal gov
    Who has the spare cash for this?
    A well organised and sponsored petition was forwarded to the gov last year and got thrown out immediately

    The canadian gov is anally retentive about poaching and criminal access to sound mods

    A court case is the only way now
    typical British wankers

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    German government was strictly against suppressors, regarded suppressors as tools of gangsters/spies/poachers etc. Even the majority of more traditional hunters were against suppressors. It took about ten years of pushing, educating and court cases to change the mindset. The law changed and selling like hotcakes now in Germany. In Ireland we have been using suppressors for some time and I very rarely shoot without. For whatever reasons everything in Europe seems much more expensive as in the states except for suppressors which retail around 300 Euro, US prices I saw seemed much higher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by colt45cz75 View Post
    Suppressors are illegal because people who should know better believe everything they see in the movies and on tv where a firearm is involved.For example, that they are primarily the tools of assassins and organized crime. Also, we have nitwits who think there will be a rash of poachers out shooting everything they can because the gun is silent. It's all a pack of lies, but we're stuck with it,unfortunately.
    Lieberal logic: Hmm, this means we should ban bows and arrows and spears.

    more Lieberal logic: Hmm, if the sound bothers you maybe you should do something else instead. In fact, for your own health we prohibit shooting as it places greater demand on the healthcare system. (like having gerbils extracted from ones rectum doesn't clog up wait lists...but you know... who are we to stifle anyone's "lifestyle" choice)

    I would love to own mufflers for my guns, (I'd love even more to see the resurgence in intelligence required in the population that would see them legal again) but if there was a special discouragement tax on purchases, I'd just have a machinist build them for me...
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    Even airguns with suppressors are illegal!!! Stupid laws.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buster95 View Post
    Even airguns with suppressors are illegal!!! Stupid laws.
    good one. how about loud speaker?

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    Very Nice...there is a great deal of things we need to change in the Great White North! Our first opportunity is in June!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kombayotch View Post
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    Yup, glad I moved to a place that has more reasonable gun laws.

    Don't see the appeal of Surefire cans though. They're loud AF! The only one that's "hearing safe" is the SOCOM 300 SPS (on a 300 Blackout).
    Think your off on that assessment

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    Right there with you Forest1488. But one day gun owners will get to fix "stupid" (government). When we ALL stand together in Ottawa at the parliament building shouting "we have rights too"!
    A salute to our troops as I was an active reservist!

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