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Thread: Sound of Silence... Surefire Suppressors!

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    Quote Originally Posted by remyltr View Post
    The only feasible way is a legal challenge in court against the federal gov
    Who has the spare cash for this?
    A well organised and sponsored petition was forwarded to the gov last year and got thrown out immediately

    The canadian gov is anally retentive about poaching and criminal access to sound mods

    A court case is the only way now
    Crowd source?

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    Quote Originally Posted by halv18 View Post
    Are they chrome lined? Not interested if not
    Good one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gadget View Post
    Think your off on that assessment

    Barrel & Firearm MICRO MINI FA556-212 FA556SA
    20.0 inch M16A4 137 137 133 133
    16.0 inch MRP 139 137 135 135
    14.5 inch M4 141 138 135 135
    10.5 inch CQBR 148 141 137 137
    Ammunition: M855


    Given that I hear them in person every weekend at the range, I'm quite sure that I'm not...

    Also, numbers a meter left/right of the muzzle are utterly useless. The numbers at the ear are what matters when you're the shooter. Watch the Military Arms Channel sound tests down range with different suppressors and unsuppressed. Makes no difference down range.

    143.8 at the ear (above hearing safe!)

    143.6 at the ear (above hearing safe!)

    134.0 at the ear with the 22 cal endcap (the anchor brake re-directs a lot of noise back to the shooter - like any brake)

    In person it's a VERY noticeable difference.
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    Electing Andrew Scheer will ensure these remain illegal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teac View Post
    Canada has its own way to make guns silent ..... (by taking them away from you)
    Best quote of this whole thread and 100% true unfortunately.
    "The older I get, the better I was."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay View Post
    Literally the ONLY piece of safety equipment that's illegal in Canada!

    So frustrating.
    Was hunting in Sweden in November. IPSC shooter showed me the can on his AR with a thirty round mag; at the hunt. All perfectly legal. He did not hunt with it, just wanted to share. Told him, in Canada we would both be charged and arrested. Looked at me like I had two heads. Number of firearms posessed by an individual are limited by the law however. Limits vary; ie. professional hunter versus sport shooter. Just a little perspective.
    Stupidity is its own punishment.

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