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Thread: Cesare Giovanelli engraved Model 94 @ $200K++ USD

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    For all that work and detail the bolt still shows milling marks. You'd have thought somebody would have at least smoothed that out and re-blued.
    My wife calls me a pessimist. I claim I'm a realist. But I'm probably just an a$$hole with an attitude problem.

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    I am surprised that they allowed handling a 200K rifle with bare hands

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    Quote Originally Posted by threecentsolution View Post
    Kinda makes the loading gate and bolt look like crap
    I know its pessimistic of me but that's the first thing I thought as well.. If they were going to go through that much work to engrave this thing they could at least polish the bolt and loading gate.
    Good thing I'll never be able to afford this thing so I'll never have a reason to complain about the quality.

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