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Thread: Nikon Black Scopes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinasta View Post
    They need some kind of christmas tree reticle.
    Absolutely !
    You are all correct about the dumb reticles. Otherwise nice scopes by an experienced optics company

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    Quote Originally Posted by KePet View Post
    I agree X1000. I’ve always loved their glass, the scopes are well made, and generally their price is very competitive - I just hate the BDC. I actually had that conversation with one of their Reps a few years ago at a customer appreciation day of one of the sponsors on here. I explained to him that I didn’t want to know the circle that my bullet was going to hit in - I wanted to know the POI.

    Having said that I did pick up one of the “Blacks” a couple years ago, at a good price, with a mil-dot reticle. I have to say - I love the scope.
    I agree with both of you. Even though I only use on rimfire I have two of them. When shooting further out its kind of a 'yeah I guess somewhere in that circle will be good enough" bang.... Lol

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    Just bumping this that Nikon missed the boat for inexpensive optics for the PRS type crowd. Bushnell is going to get a lot of sales with their new Forge optics. Better reticles, throw lever included and more magnification range.

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