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Thread: Fightlite MCR-100 belt fed AR15

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    I guess the nr frt must be coming out soon. Once they become commonly available in canada, what's the ecpected MSRP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lmh1022 View Post
    did you ever get an answer to that question ? I have a bunch of dummy rounds and links that would make great decoration (in my mind anyway)
    nothing definitive

    Quote Originally Posted by cancer View Post
    Others have already said it, but it but the length of ANY linked rounds depends on when the links were designed. Pre 1946 links are ok. Post are not ok. It's absolutely ridiculous and not in the least bit logical. There are some .30-06 links that work with 7.62x51 that could be linked up into 200s, but that's it for modern cartridges. No 5.56 links can be linked beyond 5 round teasers.
    so you believe simply having the links connected by any means, even empty casings or dummy rounds beyond 5 meets the definition of an over capacity magazine?

    If that were the case, buying ammo cans of linked ammunition could get you in a lot of trouble
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    I keep several cans of 8mm linked up for my 1945 made mg 34. when we could take our fun toys to the range it was a blast going through a 200 round belt.

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