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Thread: MDT ACC Adjustable Core Competition Chassis

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    MDT ACC Adjustable Core Competition Chassis

    MDT has been a sponsor of the sanctioned PRS match at Meaford in the last few years and their factory shooter consistently placed high ( actually won in 2018 ) the tactical class. Their new Adjustable Core Competition Chassis ( ACC ) is a product targeting the PRS crowd, and at an affordable price of under 1000 dollars. The chassis is flat underneath the forearm to optimize for placement on barricade, and it also has attachment points outside the forearms to place balancing weight. The end cap is also remove-able so additional weight can be slide into the forearms under the barrel. Nothing super fancy, but it does pretty much everything what an average "non tactical user" competitor needs in a PRS rig.

    Attached to their demo rifle is their bipod ( priced at about 400 dollar-ish). By simply pressing a button on the side, the bipod legs can be spread out. This gives the user another way to lower the rifle or place the rifle on on even surface.

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    Very cool
    I love that you can adjust the pistol grip forward and back

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    I have the ACC chassis, loving it so far. Quick question though, what is the name brand of that cheek rest pad? I haven't seen one like that before

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    The cheekpiece cover is by Weibad.

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    Impressive! It's gotta be a nice bipod for that price!

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    MDT rocks. Their products are by far and away the best value on the market IMO.
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    Wow.... that my attention. Great looking chassis.

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    Thanks for the kind words all and the cheekpiece was a prototype from Weibad made for one of our other sponsored shooters in the South East.

    As for the bipod, the $499 price tag is justified by us having the most adjustability on the market! The design was bought from Ckye Thomas in Montana and is again, strictly built for serious shooters that need the adjustability in duty situations, field matches or non-typical prone shots. You have a height adjustment of roughly 4.5"-15", can adapt to an RRS Dovetail or Picatinny, and run atlas compatible feet/extenders
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bfranklin View Post
    MDT rocks. Their products are by far and away the best value on the market IMO.
    And that’s the reason it’s easu to direct my clients and shooters to their products! I am always pleased about their customer service , I actually brag about their follow up service. The stuff sell themselves!

    And also their ambassadors are a class act!

    What’s not to like?

    Cheers, Barney
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