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Thread: SHOT SHOW Recap & 10/10 CROSS MAG™ Update - January 2019

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    I need about 10 of these in my life! .......can't wait

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cridler View Post
    Stuff happens, but I’d hurry up and get these to market if I were you. It sounds like you guys have invested heavily in the internal infrastructure to (finally) manufacture these in house. It’d be a shame if the Liberals closed the pistol mag loophole or banned the AR platform entirely and left you guys unable to move your product...
    Your tin foil hat is a little tight eh?

    These mags looks fantastic! I may have to pick up a few. Plus for the price they are at its really hard to beat!

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    I see a 10 pack in my future

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    I'm sure that there are a few folks with XCR-M .308 pistols that could use a man like that.
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