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Thread: SHOT SHOW Recap & 10/10 CROSS MAG™ Update - January 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cross Industries View Post
    Currently we are focused on just getting these mags finished and out the door, the priority is then mags in 7.62x39mm and then .308. No plans for a cover at the moment.

    Thank you for all of the above positive feedback. We should have more updates soon.
    Quote Originally Posted by kouma View Post
    that..any plans for AR10 pistol?
    Look up, and you will see the answer..

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    Wow... $55 for a set. Thats crazy good. Provided they function as promised, ill replace all my LAR mags for these for sure. I hate the goofy aluminum couplers that are always coming loose. These are slick.

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