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EMT sent
Your EMT was perfectly done and your are Good to GO!

Folks while I’m here yakking about this match/practice/ clinic a week and a half away.... this is a good time to take an older prescription bottle/pill bottle and fill it with the Allen keys that fit YOUR rifle optics/base/ring screws. Remember how I mention to you that one should always tighten every ring screw BEFORE you begin you sighting in process ?

Even if you are confident in your rig and it’s optics setup, always ensure all is tightened BEFORE commencing your zeroing process (whatever range/bore sighting) will commence. Nothing worse than the annoyance of achieving a wandering zero after you shot 20 rounds or so downrange to discover said wandering zero or Point of Impact (POI) is caused by a SINGLE loose ring screw. I’ve seen this happen lots and lots as a Match Director conducting a stage or course of fire!

Last practice in April I found a client / shooter who could not zero at 100m on Bravo Range....thankfully he bought some detachable Tactical Rings. He took off his rings (all the ring screws were tight) and discovered that the base was loosening. He then tightened the base screws and slapped on that Tactical Ring’ed scope and his zero was close to original zero. He got lucky!!

It’s better to find this all happening BEFORE the Sunday contest! Saves you a shztload of frustration. I don’t enjoy seeing my clients struggle and get frustrated.....especially when it’s NOT me that’s giving the Mind Fzcking Treatment! Hahahahaha

So you newbies, learn from me and other folks as they make mistakes and I relay the lessons on to YOU!!