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Thread: Modern Sporter photo thread

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    [QUOTE=scourge18a;15737137]I will make an addition to my first post now that my 2nd upper is assembled. Likely to be topped with a PST gen 2 5-25 FFP in a 20 moa ADM but that could change. Still waiting on brass and dies so no rush.
    Thank you ATRS

    Scourge that Odin works hand guard looks slick! Were any mods required to install it and are you happy with it?
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    Got an upper mostly complete, just gotta torque down the barrel nut. Now the wait for a lower.

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    Last piece of he puzzle came in for my second upper in 7.62x39 and here she is:

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    Quote Originally Posted by rberresheim View Post
    Name:  EE2D408C-128F-4C9F-9819-F8A2ABCE9E33.jpg
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    What color Cerakote is that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by davide montini View Post
    What is the ball park price on a build ...say plus or minus....$500.00....a rough estimate...
    Can someone please comment on this
    Thank you
    Quote Originally Posted by onetwentyish View Post
    As others have said, if you got a cheap used 20" norc AR and scavenged parts and sold the recievers afterwards, you could probably be in as low as $1350. Or if you applied the same tactics to a cheaper 20 amarican AR, it would be about $1700. A budget custom build with free float rail is at minimum $2000. $2500 will get you a respectable build. $3000-6000 will get you varying degrees of Gucci. From there on out its quite questionable what you are getting for dollars spent. Haha
    Quote Originally Posted by ThatM305Guy View Post
    Minimum 2k?? Try 400......and alot of time and patience. xD
    I know you are only into yours for $1400, but that wont be the norm.

    Yours is built off of NEA/BCL everything basically, lots of it wheeled and dealed into with the excess sold off to reduce the total all in cost of parts. It ended up quite hefty and the NEA rail broke with in 2 weeks. The $25 trigger has proven to have a stiffer pull than a Gen 1 Tavor (12lbs for those of you not familiar). The CCS stock has some pretty serious damage from the previous owner too.

    You made some compromises and did some work to get yours for the price you did...

    Anyways, here is the pre-built one I bought for $2500 2 weeks ago.

    Muzzle Device: A2 Birdcage
    Barrel: BCL SS fluted.
    Gas Block: BCM
    Handguard: Erathr3 14"
    BCG: Brownells NiB
    CH: Radian Raptor LT

    LPK: Brownells
    Trigger: CMC 3lb trigger pack
    Safety: V7 Ambi
    Bolt Catch: Geissele Maritime
    Grip: A2 (coming soon: Magpul K)
    Buffer/spring: Geissele
    Buffer tube/castle nut: Brownells
    Reciever end plate: Radian QD
    Stock: M4 Collapsible (coming soon: MFT Minimalist)

    Total Weight: 6.8lbs.
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    People you have some very nice builds ......and I have to say Alberta very nice work ...your pride shows....workmanship is a very high degree......please keep up the good work....
    Very impressive!!!
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    Had a chance to oil the cerakoted parts so the color shows up better. Then I was looking at the difference between the FDE on my Varmit vs the Burnt Bronze on the Sporter and decided to take a picture of the whole modern family.

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    Quote Originally Posted by techi870 View Post
    Had a chance to oil the cerakoted parts so the color shows up better. Then I was looking at the difference between the FDE on my Varmit vs the Burnt Bronze on the Sporter and decided to take a picture of the whole modern family.

    You have a VERY nice family!!

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    Top quality receiver just do not like the loose fit, but that is just me with any two piece receiver set black rifle.


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